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The youth voice is an important part of our organization. We offer several youth opportunities for students of all ages:

Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is a unique program to enhance all of our organization’s projects by including the youth voice. Students ages 14-21 engage in all areas of the association’s work and is responsible for advising the Board of Directors on all youth programs and actions that effect youth in our community.

Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Project

Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down!, or TUTD, is a program designed to counter the glamorization of tobacco in film. Student reviewers ages 14-22 review the top 10 movies each week and post their results on Their research is used by universities, public health officials and tobacco control advocates across the nation.

High School Art Contest

An annual art contest, held in conjunction with our annual Clean Air Awards, for students in grades 9-12 in public, private or home schools.

Teens and Asthma

Teen-friendly answers to your asthma questions.


We offer a number of unpaid internships year-round. Interns should have completed their first year of studies at a college or university. A basic understanding of environmental and health issues is a plus. Interns may receive a small stipend at the end of their internship, unless they are receiving academic credit. We ask that interns work a minimum of 10 hours a week and they normally last 3 to 6 months, based on availability.

Click here to download our Intern Application.

YAB members at the capital


YAB at Earth Day


TUTD members at the Hackademy Awards


YAB members with light rail

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