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2016-2017 Board of Directors

What is the Role of Breathe's Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is the policy setting body for Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails, and ultimately bears responsibility for overseeing the implementation of our mission throughout our Northern California region.

What do Breathe's board members do?

Each board member is required to attend bi-monthly meetings, participate in at least one standing committee, provide financial support through direct giving and/or active participation in fundraising efforts, and represent our organization throughout the community. Board members may serve a maximum of two terms of three years each.

How do I become a Breathe Board member?

Potential new Board members are nominated by the Nominating Committee each spring. Nominees are then elected by the existing Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails’ Board at its final meeting of the fiscal year each May. If you would like to be considered for future nomination, please contact us at

How do I contact Breathe's Board of Directors?

Our Board of Directors is composed entirely of volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds; as such, we try to be respectful of both their time and privacy. If you would like to contact our Board of Directors, please contact us at, and we will assist you with your needs.