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Did you know that 1,000 kids will start smoking today because of what they saw in the movies? Or that 15-24 year olds have the highest smoking rate among all age groups?

Our organization works to provide tobacco education programs which prevent youth and young adults from picking up smoking, implements tobacco-free policies that protect individuals and families from secondhand smoke, and provides cessation resources for those who want to quit using tobacco.

Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Project

A project designed to reduce the glamorization of tobacco in movies by enlisting student volunteers to review movies for their tobacco content and share their findings with their peers.

STAND (Sacramento Taking Action Against Nicotine Dependence)

Our STAND Projects educate, empower, and organize the Sacramento community to advocate for smoke-free college and vocational institutions and multifamily housing communities; provides training and assistance on best-practices for countering the tobacco industry influence among young adults; and provides self-help quit smoking kits. STAND currently has three projects:

ATTACK Toolkit

A toolkit for tobacco control advocates wanting to counter tobacco industry marketing tactics aimed at young adults.

Learn, Work, Breathe

Educates, empowers and organizes community colleges and vocational education institutions to adopt smoke-free campus policies to reduce secondhand smoke exposure to their students, faculty and staff.

Live, Breathe, Choose Smoke-Free

A project and website for property owners to learn how to adopt and implement smoke-free policies in their rental communities, and a searchable database for renters seeking smoke-free rentals.

Cessation Resources

A list of resources for people who are ready to quit smoking.

Tobacco Policy

BCSET Tobacco Control Committee is a subcommittee to the Board of Directors of the organization. The committee acts in an advisory capacity to assist with determining the priorities in tobacco control for legislation and program development.



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