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Our lung health programs are made possible by the Breathe Lung Health Collaborative, with support from donors and funders including AstraZeneca, Bob Roehrs, Kaiser Permanente, the G. Kirk Swingle Family Foundation and Union Pacific Railroad.

The Lung Health Collaborative is a partnership between health professionals and community members looking to improve outcomes for people with asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases) in our region. The Collaborative meets quarterly to discuss new resources, update informational materials, and volunteer to conduct asthma classes and screenings in the community.

Lung Health Collaborative

Mobile Screenings

Breathe staff and Lung Health Collaborative members outreach into the community and conduct screenings of both children (minimum age of 6 years) and adults in settings such as after school programs, apartment housing communities and at community events. Participants are asked questions about their breathing and their lungs are measured to see if there are any signs of asthma. They are then referred for further to healthcare providers for diagnosis and treatment.

Parent Asthma Classes

BREATHE provides free asthma education classes to low-income families living in communities with high rates of childhood asthma.

Lead by Lung Health Collaborative members, these classes teach families how to proactively manage their children's asthma symptoms by identifying and reducing environmental triggers, strictly adhering to their prescribed treatment plans, and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our parent asthma classes are conducted at SETA Headstart Centers, Housing Authority communities and by request.


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