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O24u is a hands-on, environmental education program that provides children in 1st-6th grades with the knowledge and background to become advocates for clean air within their homes, schools and communities.

The O24u curriculum, which has been developed to align with California Environmental Education Initiative principals, includes 29 activities spanning 6 topic areas that range from air pollution and health effect concepts to practical solutions that everyone can take to reduce harmful emissions of air pollution and toxic indoor environments. Each topic includes hands-on, interactive activities that educate children about environmental issues with an emphasis on fun.

The program is a partnership with after school service providers and is executed in existing after school programs. Facilitators are trained and materials are provided by Breathe California. Each participating 4th-6th grade student receives an Activity Book and each facilitator receives a Facilitator’s Guide.

O24u is currently being implemented in afterschool program sites across Sacramento, Yolo and Solano Counties in collaboration with the Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento, and the Davis Kids Klub.

For more information about the O24u Program, contact Natalie Lanning at (916) 444-5900 ext. 213 or

This project is funded by the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District, the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality District, and the Mr. and Mrs. G. Kirk Swingle Foundation.

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