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Students raising air quality flag at Flag Program launch

The Air Quality Flag Program is designed to help teachers, school staff, coaches and parents protect children’s lungs on days when poor air quality poses a health threat.

Colored flags – each representing a different air quality health category ranging from good (green) to very unhealthy (purple) – are flown each day on school campuses to identify air quality conditions. Our Air Quality Index Activity Chart is used in conjunction with the flags. The color coded chart is a guide to modify activities on days when air quality is especially bad. Charts are sent home with each student and large versions are displayed at the schools.

During the warmer months, poor air quality becomes a serious health issue for thousands of Sacramento area residents, especially children. The flags are one of many measures that can help reduce harmful exposure to higher than usual levels of airborne pollutants. Asthma, increased susceptibility to illnesses such as bronchitis, and interference with lung growth can all result from consistent exposure to poor air quality. However, adjusting to air quality levels — such as holding physical education classes indoors on bad air days — can protect children from long-term health risks.

Sacramento County Schools

Year Implemented School

Blanche Sprentz Elementary School
Mather Heights Elementary School


Lichen Elementary School
William Land Elementary School
Williamson Elementary School


Ethel Phillips Elementary School
Fruitridge Elementary School
Theodor Judea Elementary School


Folsom Hills Elementary School      
Ethel Baker Elementary School
Citrus Heights Elementary School

Placer County Schools

Year Implemented School

Rocklin Elementary School
Sunset Ranch Elementary School
Coyote Ridge Elementary School


Matsuyama Elementary School
Del Paso Heights Elementary School
Oak Chan Elementary School


Ethel Baker Elementary flag launch Rocklin Elementary flag launch Folsom Hills Elementary flag launch

For more information about the Air Quality Flag Program, contact Jana Greenberg at (916) 444-5900 ext. 217 or

This project is funded by the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District and the Placer County Air Pollution Control District.

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