About BREATHE's Annual Clean Air Awards

Join Breathe California of Sacramento—Emigrant Trails (BREATHE) for the 39th Annual Clean Air Awards Luncheon held Wednesday, May 27th, 2015 at Sacramento State University, Union Ballroom.

Sustainability on tap means clean air for all

Everyone needs clean air to thrive; however, we can’t choose what air we get to breathe. The good news is everyone can make sustainable changes to improve air quality. Sustainability on tap means sustainable practices are accessible to everyone to implement into their daily lives. With the world population growth expected to reach over 9.5 billion by 2050, realizing our interconnectivity in affecting sustainable change on our planet is more important than ever. Sustainable choices today mean cleaner air and a healthier Earth tomorrow.

So what can we all do to help? Simply put, make more thoughtful choices. From sourcing our food from sustainable farms, buying less “stuff” or buying locally, using less energy from fossil fuels, to choosing alternative transportation like public transit or bicycling, anyone can implement change.

Think Global, Act Local

Unfortunately, the Sacramento region consistently ranks as one of the most polluted metropolitan areas in the country - but there is a silver lining! Our air quality is slowly, but steadily improving thanks to the focused and determined efforts of our Clean Air Champions - the people, businesses and organizations who not only recognize the importance of having cleaner air to breathe, but also go above and beyond expectations to achieve it.

Each year we collect online nominations from throughout our region, which are formally reviewed by our esteemed Blue Ribbon Panel. The winners are recognized at the Annual Clean Air Awards.

This Year's Luncheon

See the event agenda, winning artwork and 2015 clean air champions and their stories by downloading the 2015 Clean Air Awards program

Online ticket purchases for the 39th Annual Clean Air Awards are no longer available. Please call or email Jenny Matchell at 916-444-5900 ext. 217 to purchase tickets or for more information.

The 2015 Clean Air Awards Luncheon is proudly sponsored by the following businesses and organizations: