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Sacramento Skyline

Let’s share the bad news first. The Sacramento Region remains high on the list of the most polluted metropolitan areas in the nation and our air quality continues to adversely affect the health of our communities, especially our children and elderly.

Now, the good news! We are making strides towards cleaning our air through our local clean air programs, with the help of our partners, sponsors, and volunteers. We also support our partners and other organizations that are also working to improve air quality in our communities.


Air Quality Flag Program

A multi-colored flag system run by students that acts as a daily indicator of outdoor air quality conditions on elementary school campuses.

Air Quality Index Activity Chart

A guide based on the Air Quality Index that can be used to modify outdoor activities on poor air quality days to protect lung health.


An environmental education program that educates children ages 8-14 in existing after-school programs about the environment and its impact on lung health.

iBreathe: Sacramento

A free, air quality iPhone app designed to provide alerts about air quality information in our region right to your iPhone.

Health Effects Task Force Local Studies

A group of volunteer health and air quality experts who study the impacts of Sacramento Valley air pollution on lung health.

Clean Air Awards

Every May, we recognize individuals, businesses, agencies and organizations that go above and beyond to help improve our region’s air quality. Nominations are gathered from the public and the winners are chosen by a “Blue Ribbon Panel” of community leaders.

Clean Air Agenda

A list of simple and effective actions that can be taken to help improve our region's air quality.

Cleaner Air Partnership

A partnership with the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Valley Vision to help the six-county Sacramento region meet the clean air standards that protect health and promote economic growth.

Health Impacts of Air Quality

Many of us experience some kind of air pollution-related symptoms such as watery eyes, coughing, or wheezing when air quality is poor.

Seasonal Air Quality Programs

Even for healthy people, polluted air can cause respiratory irritation or breathing difficulties during exercise or outdoor activities. Seasonal air quality programs have been created to help protect our health during times when air quality is bad.

Climate Change

Climate change is a real and defining issue of our time with serious negative impacts for California and most of the world’s population and we resolve to remain committed to air quality improvements and climate change reduction.

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