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The Air Quality Index Activity Chart, which is tied to the Air Quality Index, gives schools, parents and coaches guidelines for health activity levels on days when air quality is poor.

The Air Quality Index assigns a color to the day’s air quality ranging from good (green) to very unhealthy (purple). The color coded Air Quality Index Activity Chart can then be used as a guide to modify outdoor activities when ozone levels are high.

During the warmer months, poor air quality becomes a serious health issue for thousands of Sacramento area residents, especially children. Using the Air Quality Index Activity Chart and adjusting outdoor activities based on air quality levels is a simple way for all of us to protect ourselves from the long-term health risks of air quality.

Get Air Quality Alerts to Help Protect Your Health

You can sign up for Sacramento Region air quality alerts at, or if you are an iPhone, iPad or iTouch user, you can download iBreathe: Sacramento, our free air quality app that sends air alerts right to your device, as long as you have an internet connection.

The Air Quality Index Activity Chart was created in collaboration with County of Sacramento, Department of Health and Human Services, El Dorado County Environmental Management Department, Placer County Air Pollution Control District, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, and Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District.

Air Quality Index Activity Chart

The Air Quality Index Activity Chart
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